Below are some forms that might be helpful to the real estate practitioner. (Most require Microsoft Word in order to be opened.) Generally speaking, use the mouse and cursor to go to and fill in all the blank gray rectangular fields. You can also use the "Tab" key to page down and "Shift + Tab" to page up.

Please note that some forms are password-protected. See, for example, the two lien waivers. Although you can fill in the blanks of the password-protected forms, you cannot alter the documents' boilerplate language.

One of the forms is a Word/Excel closing statement. To complete this statement, fill in the non-numeric information in the gray fields. To activate the Excel calculator, double-click the lined body of the statement. The top of the "C" column is for the purchase price; no "$" sign or decimal point is needed. The "A" column is for credits to the purchaser. To modify a description of the purchaser's credits, double-click a cell in the "B" column. When you are ready to print the statement, double-click the area below the words, "Closing Statement."